HWAM 3520

35203520 grey3520 soapstone

The new HWAM 3520 and 3530 ranges of wood burning stove offer a stove of perfect proportion, tall and elegant it provides a beautiful focal point in any living space.

Behind the attractive exterior hides a wealth of practical, functional details including a handy storage space at the bottom and, at the top, a heat storage compartment which can be filled with stone in order to provide excellent heat retaining properties.  

The 3520 and 3530 achieve efficiency ratings of 82.1%, offering 7kW heat output with the minimum amount of particle emmission.  Making this offering from the HWAM team one of the most eco friendly, efficient stoves available on the market.



  • Cast Iron door
  • Glass Door
  • Glass lower and upper door
  • Steel lower and upper door
  • Soapstone covers
  • Soapstone plinth
  • Rotating plinth
  • Black or grey finish
  • External Air connection


Design Features

  • Autopilot
  • Curved features
  • Unique door locking system
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • Heat storage magazine