Harmony 3 boiler
Brand: Nestor MartinNestor Martin

This classic stove from Nestor Martin has been a flagship product for the company for almost 4 decades and epitomises the quality and precision they have become highly regarded for across Europe.

This 17kW stove has a large 11kW boiler option making it suitable to heat both domestic water and numerous radiators.  The sheer size and power of this appliance make it a great solution for larger more open plan style housing. .

This is the perfect stove for users seeking to heat larger volumes of water while still maintaining a highly efficient heating capacity inside the room the stove will be situated.  It carries all of Nestor Martins' innovative features and gives customers the best of both worlds when it comes to heating water, Power and efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Air wash control for wood buring
  • Thermostratic under grate air control
  • Top or rear flue connection
  • Long lasting cast iron protection plates
  • Fuel loading front and side
  • Ashpan
  • Riddling grate