Introducing the RIKA range of wood burning stoves. 

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Rika, like all Euroheat supplied stoves are renowned for their high efficiency, aesthetic design and excellent build quality.  Each of their appliances is finished to perfection and is the embodiment of fine craftsmanship. 

Rika has been pursuing research and development in the field of stoves for over twenty years, and still today plays a pioneering role in the development of wood technology from its headquarters in Austria's Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region. Since as long ago as the sixteenth century, the area has been famous for the skill of its population in handling all kinds of metals. The final touch to Rika products is still done by hand, just as it was one hundred years ago.

Like the HWAM and the NESTOR MARTIN brands supplied by euroheat, the RIKA comes packed with innovative and patented design features making it one of the finest appliances available on todays market.

RIKA Features at a glance.

Prolonged Heat Emission.

Use of sandstone, soapstone and thermostone casing elements means the RIKA range can generate impressive levels of heat retention providing a comfortable warmth long after the stove has gone out.


Extra thick, high grade materials used for the combistion chamber protects it from wear and warping meaning the RIKA is designed for a lifetime of use.

High Combustion Chamber Temperatures

RIKA stoves promote high combustion chamber temperatures ensuring the optimisation of fuel consumption, clean burning and low emission levels.

Controllable Air Regulation.

The RIKA air control system allows you total control of the distribution of air into the combustion chamber resulting in high efficiency and reduced fuel costs as well as an attractive flame profile.

Clean Glass

The patented panel flushing system ensure the glass is always crystal clear allowing a clear view of the fire.

rika schamatic 


Automatically controls the flow of air at each burning phase without manual input meaning the optimum degree of efficiency is achieved.  This system allows the RIKA to achieve 50% less fuel consumption and 90% less emissions.