Chimney Lining

One of the most commonly asked questions in our showroom is undoubtedly, "Do I need to line my chimney when installing a stove?" It is a good question, and the fact that there is no concrete industry guidelines for chimney lining leads to some confusion on the subject. So we are here to hopefully offer some clarity. Should you line your chimney? Absolutely, 100% yes.

Lining your existing chimney with a stainless steel flexible liner is, in our opinion, the most important part of any stove installation. There are a few main reasons for this.

 A standard 8 inch clay chimney system is designed for use with an open fire where on average 80% of the heat generated by the fire will be lost up the chimney. The smoke generated by the fire then rises quickly up the chimney with the wasted heat. However when you instal a good stove the percentage of heat lost up the chimney drops from 80% to around 20% (depending on the stove) which causes the smoke to rise at a much slower rate. This slower rate of ascension leaves your chimney more susceptible to soot and tar deposits, which can in turn lead to tar running down your chimney and onto your stove etc which in the mildest circumstance causes an unpleasant smell and in the most extreme cases can lead to chimney fires. Reducing the diameter to 6 inches with a stainless steel liner system allows the smoke to maintain a safe ascension rate to the outside atmosphere, reducing the danger of unsafe tar deposits in the chimney, furthermore any tar that is deposited safely runs down the sealed liner system and back into the stove where it is burnt off harmlessly.

The liner system also provides a totally sealed passage to the outside atmosphere for all harmful gases released as a product of burning i.e. harmful carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very real threat with any burning appliance and it does have the potential to kill, so it is important to treat it with respect. A liner system represents the safest way to instal any solid fuel appliance as it provides a safe sealed passage out the chimney reducing the risk of it being expelled into your room.

lining schematic   

The safety benefits of stainless steel liner systems are proven and well documented and it is for these reasons that we at All Fired Up strongly recommend them to every customer and will not carry out a stove installation without installing a liner. It has also been established that your stove will work in a more efficient manner with the liner kit installed, so the benefits will stand by you for years to come and will more than account for the extra cost over the lifetime of your stove.

We offer extremely competitive rates on all chimney lining products and offer a range of high quality durable products which are proven and designed to last.

If you would like to line your stove or are experiencing problems with your stove you can contact us for price details. Also if you are thinking of lining your stove yourself we will provide advice and all the necessary tools to complete the job.