Annual Servicing

Your stove, much like your oil boiler or any other heating appliance will require some TLC at regular intervals to keep it running at optimum efficiency. We recommend an annual service, in line with industry standards for all heating appliances. service spanner 

All our stoves are built with the best materials to the highest possible quality and they all carry a minimum of 5 years warranty so your stove should have a relatively long life span compared to other models. That being said we believe that by burning the appropriate fuels in the right manner in conjunction with sensible chimney and stove maintenance your All Fired Up stove has the ability to last you a life time. For these reasons it is the sensible option to keep a regular service history with the appliance to allow you to get the best out of the stove for years to come, in other words if you treat it right, it will treat you right.

Contact us to arrange a service and even tie it in with your annual chimney sweep to take advantage of our service package discount.