HWAM 3600 Series


The HWAM 3600 series is the largest output stove in the new HWAM range, boasting a generous 9kW supply it will heat most spaces in a highly efficient manner.  

The range itself consists of 3 stoves, the 3610, 3630 and the 3650, all of varying dimensions but all carrying the same woodbox and therefore the same output. 

The 3610 is the smallest proportioned stove of the range and comes with the option of being wall hung to give that extra special touch to the installation.

The 3630 stands taller and offers a simple, elegant heating solution.  The side windows offer an excellent view of the trademark dancing flames inside the HWAM

The 3650 is the largest in the range and its taller dimensions make it an eye catching addition to any room.  The 9kW output coupled with the large heat storage magazine inside the 3650 make it a highly efficient machine and will allow you to feel the benefit of the heat for up to 10 hours after the last fire has gone out.


  • Cast Iron door
  • Glass Door
  • Glass lower and upper door
  • Steel lower and upper door
  • Soapstone covers
  • Soapstone plinth
  • Rotating plinth
  • Black or grey finish
  • External Air connection

Design Features

  • Autopilot
  • Curved features
  • Unique door locking system
  • Top or rear flue outlet
  • Heat storage magazine