So you have got to the point where your brand new stove is installed and you are ready to get it ALL FIRED UP, the next decision is what you are going to burn in it. Most people argue, and we would agree that the stove can only ever be as good as the fuel you burn in it. Clean, seasoned wood will offer you the best option when it comes to heat output and efficiency so it is wise to think ahead and start building a healthy stock of timber before the cold of the winter months kick in.

If you have access to your own wood i.e. Felled timber on your land then it is a good idea to get it split and stacked where it will have the best opportunity to dry before you burn it. (from burning our own stoves we find that any timber with a moisture content between 10%-18% will offer the best results in your stove, it takes time to accomplish this as freshly cut timber can have anything up 50% moisture content.)

If you dont have access to your own wood then it will be beneficial for you to purchase some seasoned timber in bulk as it will prove the most cost effective way to burn your stove (if you have to go to a petrol station to buy a net bag of logs 3 or 4 times a week then the operation of any stove will become expensive)

Here at All Fired Up we provide logs in conjunction with WOODFELLAS - SEASONED PROFESSIONALS which are bought in by us in tree form then chopped, split and seasoned to provide you with the highest quality timber at affordable prices allowing you to burn your stove happily all winter with minimum fuss and cost.

Both hardwood and softwood logs are available in ton or net bags which can be collected from our yard or delivered to your door. Wood stores are also available to allow you to season and store your own wood without taking up much space in your garage or garden. Use the contact information to enquire about our wood products.

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